Farewell Navajo Nation

This week I said goodbye to the Navajo Nation. It was a great last week on the rez full of memories I won’t soon forget.

This week was the Navajo Nation fair, and one of the employee activities for the fair was a Tsii Yeel, or hair bun, competition. One of my good friends signed us up to compete, and we won first place! It was also traditional dress day, and her mom lent me a full traditional outfit for the day and the competition. It was really neat getting to participate in the competition and dress up in the traditional wear.

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My last evening in Fort Defiance was Friday, and I went to the fair with a few friends. The fair was a wonderful farewell to the Navajo Nation for me. We went to the rodeo, a concert, and a western dance all as part of the fair. I loved getting to go to all of the events, but mostly I just enjoyed spending time with friends before I had to leave.

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Saturday morning, I packed up and left Fort. The people and memories I left behind have definitely made Fort a place that will always have a piece of my heart.



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